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Game Builders Academy's Home Learning Series is an online video course that gets kids and teens excited about math, science, and technology in an entirely new fun way – by making their own video games!

Using Game Maker software, users learn how to create their very own video games from scratch! Each chapter of the video course is fully narrated and guides the user through every single step of making their game, from start to finish. You'll also find tons of interactive features such as the step navigation buttons, easy to access table of contents, built-in troubleshooting pages, and much more, allowing the user to go completely at their own pace. By the end of the course, users will have created a complete 2D Action/Adventure Game that can be played on anyone's computer, PC or Mac!

Most importantly, the process of building video games promotes logic skills, critical thinking skills, problem-solving skills, and builds a great deal of self-confidence!






This one-time purchase of $39.95 gives you full access to this course, forever! There's no monthly subscription, and all future updates to the product are free. To learn how to start building your own video games right now, you can sign up at the Purchase page, and for much more info, check out our Product FAQ. If you're interested in purchasing as a gift, check out the Gifting Options page.

Still not convinced? Then try out the first few chapters of the video course right now in our FREE DEMO!

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